How to Get Constructive Feedback and Advice from Your Clients

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Customer feedback is unquestionably vital to organisations, but gaining this valuable information from hesitant customers can be tough. How do you gather consumer feedback without bothering them or pushing them away? Here are my top five ideas: Social Media You might believe that checking the notifications on your company’s social media pages is sufficient to […]


Welcome to The Mediavore!

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Who are we? We are a website dedicated to providing news and entertainment on the latest technology and business trends. Our site Here at The Mediavore we cover a broad range of topics including Business, Technology, Marketing. As the site grows we will continue to add and expand our list of topics. Get a hold […]


Major Chip Shortage Affect Billion Dollar Companies

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The tech industry is at a crunch point. Today, an incredible number of products – cars, washing devices, smart phones, and more – count on computer chips, also called semiconductors. And right now, there just aren’t an adequate amount of them to meet industry demand. Because of this, numerous services and products that are popular […]